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The Island Of The Unrealized Hopes by The Kirbi
VRB004 - released 23 Feb 2007 (Vorbic Netlabel)

32,76 КБ

This EP represents a small compilation of the tracks played by The Kirbi during live performances - in particular sessions played at the English Pub in Barnaul. "May Stars" and "Ocean Heart" were created in the period between 2002 and 2004, and are included in new mixes here. The rest of the tracks were created not long ago!

All of these tracks plus several more can be found on the full "Love For Grasshoppers" album, released in 2006. You can get acquainted with it on the official Kirbi site. The album was created under impression of summer 2006 and will serve as a good beginning of the 2007...

The sound is clear, transparent, and, consequently, palpably cold. Audible, beautiful unordinary melodies, which are a rarity nowadays, can be heard. As can reminders of retro-electronics in the background.

The music "maneuvers" between styles. Quite rounded not very long pop-compositions with tenacious melodies and sometimes rather forward rhythm with the ethnic percussion part elements, which change their emotional coloring. One thing sounds gloomy and heavy (it is as if "dark ambient"), while another thing disposes to dreaming (it will be "new age"); there are many references to the synthesized retro-sound, the early new-age.

Voice snatches from feature films, nature sounds and industrial noises can often be found in the tracks, along with original lyrics. Thanks to the "maneuvering" there are many elements from different periods - trends and small lanes of electronic music in the compositions.

It may amuse some a little. For the others it will be new.

53,20 КБ
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