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The Global Cafe

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The Global Cafe is a noncommercial radio show currently based out of Shippensburg, PA. This show features eccentric, exotic, and independent music from around the world, plus offers frequent interviews with bands, live studio visits, and reviews of all forms of media.


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All copyrighted material is used to educate and not for any kind of profit. Review submissions are strictly submissions and are not profit. This site's purpose is to educate.

Rules for Posting:
1. All photos/pics larger than 500x500pixels must be behind a lj-cut.
2. Please do not promote local shows. We're looking for reviews, however, of up-and-coming bands (which may be local to you, or not!) If you choose to review, We're hoping for reviews of obscure, independent, or world music.
3. Feel free to educate us about contemporary art, film, cultural events, or submit reviews about any of those...
4. There is no room for personal attacks of any kind here. Vulgarity will be deleted as well.
5. Please make suggestions of what you would like to see, or a direction for this site to go.
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